The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step in the right direction.

Just like a sailboat, drifting through the ocean, life’s winds blows of sometimes far offshore. Learning how to set your sails in the right direction ensures you end up in the correct destination, every time you embark on a new journey.

PLanning ahead may sometimes seem exhausting and hard to keep up with, but alikie everey ever made man made thing, it all started with a plan drawed with pen and paper. 

Make visualizing your upcoming days and months a habit, allow yourself to see your succeses. By doing this you not only get acustomed to the idea of winning but also program your mind to give you what you want from life.

Your focus is key, holding your attenttion on what you want drastically helps reduce wasted energy on what you dont want.

One method where il go in deaper later is writing down your affirmations. The act of writing something down itself instantly helps you remember it beacasue both part of your brain work in sync with the creation of your text.

Thats the secret. Pen and paper. 


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